My name is Kaitlin. I have always enjoyed makeup and it turns out that I have a passion for it. I have been serious about makeup for a couple of years now. I started out just doing some simple looks with a little liner here and a little Smokey eye there but I slowly started getting into colors and GLITTER. I have to say that ever since I found Designer Dust Co. my makeup game has really increased. I feel that I have to use face sprinkles in every single look that I do now or it just somehow feels incomplete. Makeup, making people smile, and having fun is what I am here for. Follow me on Tiktok and Instagram @kkmichellebeauty

Hey I’m Jer!

I’m a licensed esthetician, certified makeup artist, and caffeine addict.

I’ve been in the cosmetic industry for almost 10 years and I love all things color and sparkle.

I enjoy creating content on Tik Tok and Instagram all under the handle @jerkitty.

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Chelsea is full time tattoo artist. She started in the YouTube beauty community in 2006, but now focuses on TikTok! She loves all things bright and creative! Rainbow is her favorite color 🌈 She’s a married dog mom of 2 rescued pitties. Proud to be part of the sparkle fam early on! 
My name is Cassandra! I'm 26, neurodivergent, and I have two beautiful kids whom are disabled. I got into make up 4 years ago as a way of coping with my mental illnesses and to finding myself as a person. After having my babies and dedicating all my time to advocating for them, I lost site of who I was and what I wanted in life. Make up gave me freedom of expression; to paint myself in a way no one else has ever seen me, including myself. It also gave me a passion and a drive to work towards goals some may say are completely unobtainable. DesignerDustCo was the first brand that offered me an ambassadorship and I couldn’t be more grateful to be part of the Face Sprinkles Fam! They are an amazing company who cares so deeply about not only their products, but their customers and ambassadors as well! From the jump, they’ve been very transparent about how their products are made and handled. I’ve tried so many glitter brands, but DesignerDustCo has my whole heart! Regina is a drag artist and makeup enthusiast. Her love for makeup started in 2009 when she fell in love with the art of drag. She has been a stage entertainer for the past 12 years and have had many successes in pageantry including winning Miss Gay Missouri America 2016. She has recently started to increase her social media presence to expand he fan base. In her free time she enjoys playing in makeup, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Forensic Files and spending time with her bestie Hazel(She 3 At the moment.) Erica, better known as Cosmetics Qween, has been a Beauty Influencer and Product Photographer since the Pandemic put her out of work. She found a new passion to channel her creative energy into when the Regional Dance Competition and Music Festivals she tours with came to a halt last March. Erica has always been a lover of makeup and beauty growing up as a competitive dancer and Musical Theatre actor. She started collecting makeup about 10 years ago and built her dream beauty room about 3 years ago. With the help of Instagram and Tik Tok she has grown her following to over 150K and really enjoys sharing her love of makeup and glam with the world. Her favorite color is “anything that sparkles” which lead to a natural partnership with Designer Dust Co. She is so honored to be a brand ambassador and loves sharing her passion for glitter with all of you!
Hi, I'm Maddie aka Thriftedsin on Instagram and TikTok. I started falling in love with makeup a few years ago whenever I started getting into cosplay. I really enjoy creating original looks for characters and the Sparkle Squad has inspired me so much <3 Hello, my name is Anna. I am a full time cake decorator, and a full time mom. Makeup is a newer passion of mine. While life is busy,I look at every second as a new chance to learn and grow. I am so happy to have the opportunity to be part of the sparkle team. My name is Brittney "Sugar", yes it is my real last name, and I try to live up to the name! I'm a LA based Cosmetologist and Hairstylist working in Film and Television. I met Nicole when I worked at Tramp Stamp grannies and we bonded over both being Toni & Guy Alumni and our similar love for the beauty world. The rest is literal sparkles!! She blessed me with my first jar of Piano Bar Slut and I wore it EVERY night I worked at that bar! So proud to be and say that I'm a Face Sprinkles OG! I can not wait to get these sparkle on a Red Carpet one day!
Hey guys, my name is Adri! I am one of the ambassadors for designer dust co. Makeup is one of my passions and my one true love. I love to create and teach everything that I can! Hi Face Sprinkle fam! My name is Liz (AKA @itsglizam). I am a 25 year old PhD student in Sociology and a content creator. I blend, ✨sparkle✨, and slay in up and coming small cosmetic brand’s products, especially DesignerDustCo 😉. Outside of makeup, I also love playing Animal Crossing and Frisbee Golf!