The Truth About Biodegradable Glitter

We get a lot of questions about biodegradable glitter, and as with all we do we want to be transparent!  Our glitter esthetic is chonky and we love our shapes.  That esthetic and biodegradable dont always  go hand in hand at this point because holographic, duo chrome and shaped glitter components arent 100% biodegradable.   We do have shapes in some of our biodegradable glitter, and those are 90% biodegradable according to the MSDS (Medical Safety Data Sheet) provided by their manufacturer.  We provide MSDS for every glitter component we use in our biodegradable blends.  

If your carbon footprint desires include biodegradable glitters and you are considering our glitter we want to keep it totally 100% with you.  Our bio glitters are 90% biodegradable.  We are always researching and working to expand our bio options.

Be informed!  Ask questions!  It's your money and you should be able to support your eco sparkle with total confidence in your purchases.

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