PR Program


Hey there! thanks for your interest in joining our PR list ! This is a great way to work with a growing brand a get free goodies as well as give back to your followers and community 

These are the requirements for joining our PR List 

  • 150k+ followers for the platform of your choosing
  • Your content focus must be makeup
  • Your Account cannot be private
  • You must agree to our anti-racism guidelines
  • You must be willing to post on a main portion of your account, this means you can’t just post on stories or fleets.  Posts need to be a stationary and up for at least 14 days. 

I’m not requiring you to only say nice things about the product, I want constructive criticism if you have it because I’m always looking to improve. But I will not accept is the bashing of other products either for or against face sprinkles. There’s a product out there for every person and every price point and we believe that every product is valued and has a space in this community. 

Please note that there are very few PR slots and PR is done on a bimonthly basis.

DesignerDustCo is an all-inclusive brand meaning that we do not tolerate racism, bigotry, anti-Semitism of any kind. If you are seen to be promoting any of these things or participating in the creation of hate speech of any kind , you will immediately be removed from the ambassador program

If you are a pro artist and are just looking for our pro discount and do not wish to be a part of our ambassador or PR program, please email for information about receiving your discount code

please note : you may only do the Ambassador program OR sign up for the PR list. no double dipping.